Friday, July 22, 2005

anti-semitism ...

how cud the early christians hate jews?

Jesus was a jew too
how cud the Vatican remain silent as millions of jews were gassed ?

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Barry Poyant said...

wut's crackin' Saby?

Some software playa's iz soft in da head (bruce ain't one o' them) we at da WAY don't bootayociate wit' dem - only strong minded peeps. i hope i was not teaching or preaching on mah blog we try not ta do dat - y'all iz right blogs iz fo' enjoyment. even in yo blogs (you gots many) truth iz masked wit' humor. iz educating 'n teachin' da s-ame?

i be glad dat y'all gots both o' yo "balls" but y'all d-riz't really need dem both, dawg. Lance armstizzrong had one removed 'n he won da tour de france 7 time Beeeee---och!